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How Awana Works Chart

Learn the function and philosophy of each weekly Awana program so you can find your perfect fit as a volunteer!

Puggles Cubbies Sparks Truth and Training Trek Journey
Grade 1 year prior to Cubbies 2 years prior to kindergarten Grades K to 2 Grades 3 to 6 Grades 6 to 8 High School
Teaching and Scripture Memory Emphasis Basic precepts and respect for God Respect for God, His Son and His Word The people and events of the Bible, instilling wisdom for knowing Christ Key answers about God and the Bible to grow in Christ's grace Destiny in Christ and applying God's Word to life Deeper Bible study to live with godly perspective and evident faith
Handbooks Puggles Teaching Cards Hopper Celebrations, Jumper Celebrations HangGlider, WingRunner, SkyStormer Ultimate Adventure series (2 years), Ultimate Challenge series (2 years) 3 sets of 24 Compass Points and/or 3 Bible study manuals / 2 studies each manual 10 Bible Studies
Learning Structure Teaching integrated with play Fun club experience with parental connection Fun club experience with parental connection Fun club experience with parental connection Group and individual study Group and individual study
Parent Participation Required Required Expected Expected Encouraged Encouraged
Appeal to kids and teenagers Fun activities Fun, get to wear a vest, hear enjoyable lessons Games, awards, hearing fascinating biographies Games, awards, theme nights, great lessons Games, activities, social, great Bible study Social interaction, activities, service, Bible study
Daily Devotions Puggles Take-home Cards Family related Family related Limited Bible reading, devotions started Individual Bible study Group and individual study
Uniform T-shirt Blue vest Red vest Uniform options: green T-shirt, gray uniform; 5th/6th: jersey T-shirt Optional
Book awards Certificate 8 animal patches per year 12 jewels per year 8 achievement bones or emblems per book Various Book certificate and pin
Achievements Book awards Sparky plaque Alpha, Excellence, Challenge, Timothy Awards Timothy, Milestone, Meritorious Award Citation Award
Game Time Free play Learning activities Low-intensity competitions Competitive games Competitive games, special activities Special activities and competitive games
Special Events
Awards Night, Parent VIP Night Awards Night, Sparks-a-Rama™, Awana Grand Prix™ Awards Night, AwanaGames™, Bible Quizzing, Awana Grand Prix AwanaGames, Bible Quizzing AwanaGames, Bible Quizzing, Summit, area events

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