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What is a Modern-Day Joseph?

Raising a Modern-Day Joseph book

Excerpted from the book Raising a Modern-Day Joseph by Larry Fowler. The book can be purchased at the Awana store.

Joseph of Genesis is an incredible picture of how we as parents, pastors, volunteers and denominational leaders hope our children will turn out. He is an ideal target for how we want our kids to grow spiritually and morally. We might not choose the circumstances that he had to endure, but we certainly would prefer to see our children respond to life in the same way as Jacob’s famous son.

In the most difficult of circumstances that he did not bring on himself, Joseph:

  • Displayed integrity in his work ethic
  • Stayed pure until marriage
  • Repeatedly said no to the temptation of sin
  • Had faith in God through years of trouble
  • Responded to every situation with wisdom
  • Became a capable, respected leader
  • Harbored no animosity to those who harmed him
  • Cared for his father in his old age.

Here are five Master Life Threads that characterize Joseph as a modern-day model for our children and youth:

Respect: Joseph respected God’s authority.
Wisdom: Joseph was wise and knew his wisdom came from God.
Grace: Joseph practiced grace in his relationships.
Destiny: Joseph had a great sense of destiny and purpose that came from God.
Perspective: Joseph’s perspective of life started with the sovereignty of God.

Testimonies of Modern-Day Josephs

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