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Blessed is the man... Psalm 1

As a pastor, you can take up the TruthScripts challenge! You know how powerful the Word of God can be to change the lives and hearts of people. Consider challenging your whole church congregation to memorize a passage of Scripture this year with TruthScripts!

Getting Started
arrow Talk with other church leaders and volunteers to brainstorm ways to encourage your congregation toward Scripture memory.

arrow Select a Scripture passage and challenge your entire church congregation to memorize it together. Communicate the details of the challenge to all participants. We suggest that you begin with Psalm 1. (Other passages in the TruthScripts program include Psalm 23; Psalm 78:1-8; and Romans 8:28-39.)

arrow Put a church-wide celebration event on the calendar and plan to honor and reward all those who participate. Make sure to reward those who accomplish the memory goal!

arrow Plan a start date and establish mile markers along the way. Encourage participants by reviewing the passage in church, small groups or Awana and utilizing free resources by clicking Resources and Awards.

The TruthScripts program is flexible! 
There are many different ways you can use to encourage Scripture memory in your church.

  • Use it as an adult small group or Sunday school challenge.
  • Encourage families to do it together! The summer months can be a great time to memorize a Scripture passage together.
  • Make it a memorization goal for all church and ministry leaders.

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