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Summit 2013 - destination Chicago


Fee: Per Team
By January 12, 2013 January 13-February 2, 2013 February 3, 2013 and later
On-site Off-site On-site Off-site On-site Off-site
$160 $180 $180 $200 $200 $220

Guidelines and Organization
Each co-ed volleyball team will consist of 6 players with up to two alternates. Each team must have a minimum of one male with a maximum of three on the court at all times and a minimum of three females, with a maximum of five on the court at all times during competition.

Each team will play a minimum of three games. The top two or three teams from each court will proceed to a double elimination tournament depending on number of teams. We plan to have six courts running.

Team Check-in
Check-in Monday, March 4 at 5:30 p.m. inside the Mega Center lobby.
Competition begins at 6 p.m.

Team Shirts – see rulebook for more info

  • All team shirts/uniforms must be of the same color.
  • Each player must be assigned a number that will appear on their shirt.
    • Number must appear on the front and back of the shirt
      Number options: written, ironed, screen-printed, or pinned.
      (Pins must be covered with tape.)
  • The number must be a clear contrasting color, not the color of the shirt.

Rule Book
Summit 2013 Volleyball Rulebook

Wristbands are required for entry into the Mega Center. Daily spectator passes will be available for purchase at the Summit Store.

Coordinators - Jim and Tara Lambeth and Doug Rolando
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Youth at Summit

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