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Summit 2013 - destination Chicago


The purpose of a regional team at Summit is to allow students the chance to participate in Summit who might be from a region where the Awana Youth Ministries is getting started or the churches have smaller youth groups to draw upon. It should be the goal of the regional team to enter Summit as church teams as the area develops.

A regional team is under the direction of the area Missionary and must follow the Regional Team Guidelines as established by Awana Clubs International. All regional teams must be approved by the area Missionary.

If an area would like to enter more than 2 regional teams a request must be sent into the Summit Director Harvey Hagen.

No individual fees can be paid out of the area missionary's account. Fundraising monies, etc. cannot be put into the missionary's account.

Members of a regional team are made up of students who meet the age/grade requirements for Summit. (Summit requirements: to be eligible for the Bible Quiz, Fine Arts, Volleyball or AwanaGames you must be a current high-school student, age 18 or younger as of September 1, 2012 and completed the current year's Faith's Foundations.) They must be from a church or a partnering organization that is currently registered with Awana Clubs International or with an organization that is partnering with Awana. All members from any one church/organization must participate together on the same Quiz/Volleyball/Games team.

Adult chaperones must be at least 21 years of age.

A driver's license check will be done on any of the adult supervisor's that will be driving Summit team members. (The following items will automatically exclude anyone from driving team members-DUI, careless driving conviction within the past three years and a suspended license.)

There needs to be a ratio of 2 chaperones for every 15 Summit team members while at Summit. (If teams are coed there must be one male and one female chaperone, preferable a married couple.)

Regional team(s) must stay at the host hotel.

Awana Summit Regional Team Guidelines