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Summit 2013 - destination Chicago 2013 SUMMIT FEES

  Staying at Pheasant Run Resort   Staying Elsewhere
Registered by Early Bird:
By Jan. 12
By Feb. 2
After Feb. 2
  Early Bird:
By Jan. 12
By Feb. 2
After Feb. 2
Individual Participant $70 $80 $90   $80 $90 $100
Spectator – per person $30 $40 NA   $40 NA NA
AwanaGames – per team $360 $400 $440   $400 $440 $480
AwanaGames – partial team-per person* $36 $40 $45   $40 $45 $50
Bible Quizzing – per team $175 $200 $225   $200 $225 $250
Fine Arts – per person (up to two entries) $60 $70 NA   $70 $80 NA
Fine Arts 3rd Entry – per person $25 $25 NA   $25 $25 NA
Volleyball – per team $160 $180 $200   $180 $200 $220
Summit Choir – per person $10 $10 $10   $10 $10 $10
Special Note: For those staying at Pheasant Run: An additional 5% will be deducted from all fees if registered and paid in full by January 12.
Citation Ceremony ONLY $10
All fees must be paid by registration date or the fee applicable on the date paid will be applied.
No registrations accepted after Feb. 10. Registration must be received by that date. Payment must be made for any registrations made after Feb. 2.

One day wristband $10
Two day wristband $20
Three day wristband $30
Four day wristband $40

Multi-day and Single Day Wristband
Wristbands are required for ALL adults and students who are attending Summit, not just the youth leaders and participating students. Daily spectator wristbands can be purchased for $10 per day at the Summit Store.

The following events require a wristband: Opening Ceremony, Fine Arts* (per day), Bible Quizzing (per day), Volleyball, AwanaGames, Judges Choice, and Closing Program.
*Please Note: Two wristbands are provided with each Fine Arts entry form.

No charge for wristbands for children under 12.


In order to keep costs as low as possible for Summit, we have contracted with Pheasant Run to fill a certain number of lodging rooms. If we do not fulfill that obligation, we incur additional charges. Teams staying at Pheasant Run will receive a discount on team fees.

For Summit, the total cost per room, per night is $99 plus tax; the room rate is $89, plus tax and the required daily resort fee is $10, totaling $99 per room, per night, plus tax.

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