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Summit 2013 - destination Chicago


By January 12, 2013 January 13-February 2, 2013 As of February 3, 2013
On-site Off-site On-site Off-site On-site Off-site
$175 $200 $200 $225 $225 $250

Quiz Material
Questions for quizzing will be taken from A Study in Galatians and Ephesians, Faith’s Foundations, The Gospel Wheel, Clear and Confusing Invitations and general Bible questions from Galatians 5 and Ephesians 5. See the Rule Book and Gospel Material to be Quizzed for more details.

These years we will be quizzing over these Journey Manuals.

2014 - God-Colored Glasses
2015 - On the Rock: Understanding Basic Bible Doctrines - Main Study 4
2016 A Study in Romans

Multiple Choice and Speed style questions will be intermixed in each of the two 25-question periods of each round.

Quiz Preparation Tips & Guidelines

  • Select coaches to work with all prospective quizzers. Thoroughly review the materials and develop practice questions.
  • Select team members as soon as possible. Team sizes are 2 to 5 young people per team. See the Rule Book for details.
  • Explain the quiz rules to team members so they know what to expect.
  • Select one person to act as the team coach during the quiz meet.
  • Work with team members to be sure they really understand the material they have memorized.
  • Instruct team members to know all the memory verses and references (word perfect), Bible summaries, questions and definitions (all material lessons 1 through 12).
  • Consider challenging another church to a quiz for extra practice.
  • Drill team members in the various types of quizzing. Make sure everyone adheres to the quizzing rules in this book.

Team Check-in
Coaches will receive their room assignment sheets at Summit check-in.

Room Assignments
Competitions will take place in the St. Charles and the New Orleans Ballrooms. Coaches should report to their competition room at the time stated on their room assignment sheet. During the Bible Quizzing, Arlyn and Marcy will be at the desk outside of the St. Charles Ballroom.

Dress Code
Awana encourages guys to wear collared shirts and slacks. Girls are encouraged to wear dresses, skirts or dress pants. Remember that the quizzers lean forward in their huddle and that they may be placed on a stage or platform. Please make sure they dress and sit appropriately not drawing attention to themselves or their team.

Rule Book
2013 Summit Bible Quiz Rule Book

Each member of the winning Bible Quiz team will be awarded a $500 scholarship to the college of his/her choice. To request a check, e-mail Be sure to include your name, the name and address of the college and whether the check should be sent to anyone's attention. Also include any information that the school requires (ID number, etc.). The scholarship check will be sent directly to the college along with a letter of explanation.

Wristbands are required for entry into the Bible Quiz competition. You are only allowed to enter a quiz room on the day your team is competing. Daily spectator passes will be available for purchase beginning at 7:30 a.m. at the Summit Store.

Coordinators: Arlyn and Marcy Nies
Questions? Contact:

Bible Quizzing at Summit

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