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A fun-filled day of games for kids in K-2


Sparks-a-Rama™ is the Sparks version of AwanaGames™, especially designed for kids in kindergarten to second grade. The event focuses on fun, team-oriented games and meeting new friends from other area churches in local and regional competition. Sparks-a-Rama is usually held on the same day as AwanaGames in venues around the country.

Parents and family members are invited to attend and cheer on their Sparkie. Before the competition ends, the gospel is presented, making Sparks-a-Rama a great outreach to non-churched spectators.

Consult your missionary for more information or to find a Sparks-a-Rama in your area.

I've worked with Sparks-a-Rama for over 20 years, many of these years as a Circle Director," said Warren Krup. "Sparks-a-Rama is still one of the highlights of my year – watching the precious young children run and play games with their friends and with other young believers. They look so proud and happy as they run around the circle or play the Rabbit Hunt. I love that all the circle games focus the kids to the center, just as we must all be focused toward the true center – Jesus."

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