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Scripture Memory Tips for Your Kids

Preschooler girl Nic

Use a white board
My T&T son and I put his verses on a white board with an erasable marker. We take turns erasing a word and reading the verse until the whole board is empty and our hearts and minds are full of God's Word!
Lisa Bellis

Scripture in the car
We keep Scripture cards in the car and recite the special Scripture with the family while traveling to school, the store, etc.
Ellen Jones

My daughter's Awana handbook goes with us in the car. We spend drive time to school, church, soccer and basketball reviewing and learning her verses. We review then add new verses each day She is on T&T Book Three.
Judy Leaf

Set the verses to song
When there is a fairly long verse to memorize, my daughters and I like to sing the verse to a little jingle. I know that works well for us. They still have those little jingles (verses) stuck in their heads. It's exactly what we want!
Ann Marie Winters
Susanville, California


Crafty idea for Bible memory
My son's Cubbies verses we did on construction paper, then made a paper chain out of it so reviewing them was easy. Since he is learning to write, he now prints out the short verses and I make the longer ones out of dotted letters, which he then traces. I did this for the Sparks code, and he made it rainbow colors! I learn the verses along with my son, so sometimes I have him check to see if I got it right. Then I change or insert a word here and there. He always catches me.
Nancy Huff

Music to her ears
My daughter is 8 years old. She has been a clubber since age 3. I learned quickly that if I made a little tune of it she remembered the verse. So if you have an auditory learner, singing or clapping or doing hand signs or motions with the verse helps her to keep it in her heart. She remembers verses from year to year. A little tune works best for her. If this works for your clubber, I would suggest purchasing the CDs from Awana.
Connie Gray
Roanoke, Virginia

Play the Sparkle game
We call it Sparkle. You write the verse on a dry-erase board. You say the verse with your child, then you remove one word at a time till you have a blank board. Then you play Sparkle. To play, you take turns saying the words of the verse. (MOM: For; CHILD: God; MOM: so; CHILD: loved; MOM: The; CHILD: World) You do this until someone makes a mistake. If there are only two players, you start over keeping points. If more than two, the person sits down and you start over with the verse and play until someone can say the verse without a mistake.

Tossing verses around
For active learners try tossing a beanbag, soft ball or inflated plastic globe for verses that include world like John 3:16 or 1 John 4:14. I toss the object as I say the verse with my Sparks clubber, and she repeats after me. This makes it fun and helps the kinesthetic learners. Or you can sit on the floor and roll the object back and forth as you say the verse.

Sign language
Use sign language for verses. Make a cross with your fingers when mentioned in a verse with the words cross, Savior, salvation or phrase died for our sins. Use open hands with palms up for the word Scriptures. Point to your heart for sins and point outward as if pointing at people for everyone who believes. Use your imagination for creating your own ideas or look in a sign language book.

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