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Quiz Master

Awana kids know what winter means. It’s Bible Quizzing time! Time to know your Ezekiels from your Ezras and your Micahs from your Malachis. And it can get pretty confusing along the way!

Parents, AFC is here to help you encourage your kids in Scripture memorization. Some children have the memory of elephants and some have the memory of, well, Grandma. But no matter what challenge they’re facing, there are some easy ways to help your children with Scripture memory.

Go over verses when they sleep and when they rise. An old trick to making something stick is mulling over it before bed. Maybe your kids will even dream about the Bible! Repeating verses before bed and at breakfast is a good discipline and way to focus on God throughout the day.

Sparky with handbook

Do your own Bible quizzing. A tried and true students’ tool is flashcards. With flashcards your kids can get tips and hints, but remembering the verse is all up to them. And there’s no easier way to get a quizzing game going!

Memorize verses along with your kids. What a motivation for them! Coming alongside your children in Scripture memory is an encouragement to them and a blessing to you. And while you’re learning together, you can share memory aids and tips with each other.

Set the verses to a catchy tune. I’ll bet you and your kids can belt out Aretha Franklin’s “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” And why have we got it down by heart? Because music makes it so easy! Scripture memory is a piece of cake when it’s wrapped up in a song. And Awana makes it easy for you. You can get handbook music just for your Cubbies, Sparkies or T&T kids.

Turn memory into an art project. Your children can write out verses in colorful, fun letters. Or if the verse lends itself to a drawing, your kids can create a picture story. They’ll be having fun, letting their imaginations run wild and memorizing Scripture all at the same time!

Ask your kids to teach you or their siblings the memory verse. Some of us learn best by explaining a concept to others. It helps gather our thoughts and lay them out in a clear, memorable order. Setting up a memory classroom could be just the thing to help your children. And kids love the opportunity to play teacher!

Scripture memory is an important, foundational discipline for kids. Though some may only appreciate all the verses they’ve learned when they’re older, children reap countless benefits from memorizing God’s Word. Make the memorization process encouraging, comfortable and fun for them. And in no time they won’t get Nathan and Nathanael confused again!

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