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Awana Leaders/Speakers

Awana Leaders/Speakers

  • Director of Club Ministries
    Michael Scarbrough

    For over 60 years, Awana has offered programs that help churches and parents reach children and youth with the gospel and build a biblical foundation for faith. As director of Club Ministries, Michael Scarbrough makes sure that Awana continues to maintain that purpose in all new and ongoing program development and curriculum.

    Michael’s story
    Michael’s own faith journey began at a young age when he placed his trust in Christ after a Sunday night church service. Throughout his school years, church played an important part in his life, and he sang regularly at services. His dad served as an elder, and his mom was an Awana leader.

    After graduating from Wheaton College with a degree in communications, Michael worked as a copywriter for the Sears catalog and later as an advertising copywriter for the corporate headquarters of a department store chain. A telecommunications company then hired him as a marketing copywriter. Michael stepped into marketing communications management roles as this company grew to become the corporate giant WorldCom.

    Desiring to use his work experiences in full-time ministry, Michael joined Awana in 2001 as the managing editor of a magazine for Awana volunteers. In 2004, he took on leadership of the curriculum development function at Awana. In 2010, he assumed additional responsibilities in his current position as the director of Club Ministries.

    “Michael is an authentic man who loves his family, loves God, loves the Bible and loves to use his gifts to reach families and children for Christ,” says Rob Rienow, president of Visionary Family Ministries.

    A vision to reach kids with God’s truth
    As a key strategist and leader, Michael and his team strive to ensure that a strong biblical foundation is evident in all club resources and programs.

    “I am convinced that God has used Awana in such mighty ways because of this ministry’s commitment to God’s Word over the years,” Michael says. “That is a trust I intend to keep in my ministry here.”

    During his tenure, Michael has successfully led several program launches and revisions, including:
    •  Development and launch of Puggles, a program for 2- and 3-year-olds
    •  Overhaul of Sparks® (kindergarten- to second-grade) curriculum
    •  Development of new third- to sixth-grade curriculum and programming
    •  Creation of new middle school curriculum
    •  New curriculum for high school program
    •  Creation and launch of Awana at Home® family ministry
    •  Development of initiatives like The Great ShakeUP™ and PowerUP™

    "Michael is a crucial leader in the ongoing development of our club ministries,” Awana President/CEO Jack Eggar says. “Michael brings an analytical mind, strategic thinking, commitment to biblical integrity and a passion for reaching children and families with the gospel to this key role."

    Training leaders nationwide
    Michael serves as a speaker and workshop teacher at pastors’ conferences, churches and Awana conferences around the U.S. Michael addresses a variety of topics, primarily:
    •  Inspiring and equipping parents to spiritually lead their children
    •  Building a legacy of home discipleship to reach future generations
    •  Using Awana for evangelistic impact and long-term discipleship

    Michael also discusses Awana club programming and family ministry in radio interviews and webinars.

    Raising a family
    Michael and his wife, Kim, have four children and live in suburban Chicago. Kim and Michael have homeschooled their kids for 16 years.

    How to contact Michael
    To schedule an interview, e-mail