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Awana Leaders/Speakers

Awana Leaders/Speakers

  • U.S. Program Senior Designer, Author, Speaker, Workshop Presenter
    Linda Weddle

    Linda Weddle’s 30-plus years of experience as a teacher, curriculum writer, author, speaker and ministry leader make her an important voice on ministry to children, youth and families. She is the senior designer of U.S. weekly core Awana programs and has been involved in nearly every aspect of Awana over the course of her life.

    Linda’s story
    The daughter of a pastor, Linda saw her parents model a vibrant faith in Christ. She trusted Christ and began walking with Him as a young girl.

    “My parents challenged both my brother and me to know and understand what we believe and why we can confidently believe it,” Linda says. “They didn’t give us clichéd answers but guided us through the process of getting the answers for ourselves from God’s Word.”

    In turn, Linda took her own biblical parenting role seriously. Both her son and daughter walk with Christ as well as all six of Linda’s grandchildren. Her faith heritage also fuels her passion to encourage children, parents and children’s ministry leaders nationwide to avidly live out their faith.

    30-plus years in kids’ ministry
    Linda is the senior designer of U.S. programs for Awana. She develops and writes curriculum as well as evangelism and discipleship strategies for church programming that serves ages 2 to 18.

    “I’m passionate about getting kids excited about the Bible and helping them understand what the Bible says,” Linda notes. “I want to show kids the joy they can have in Christ.”

    Linda intimately understands Awana at the local-church level. She participated in Awana from grade school through high school and earned the ministry’s highest award, as did both of her children. She has also volunteered in local-church Awana ministries for nearly 30 years.

    Writing to reach kids and parents
    Linda has written 12 books and more than 2,500 magazine articles, stories, devotionals and radio scripts. Some of her publishers include Scripture Press, Focus on the Family, Back to the Bible, Woman’s Day and KidzMatter. Linda also writes a parenting blog for Awana and has taught at conferences and churches for nearly 25 years.

    One of Linda’s favorite writing projects is How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph (David C. Cook, 2009). Based on Joseph of the Old Testament, Joseph is a unique parenting book. Instead of focusing on one age group, the book describes a biblical plan for instilling lasting faith in both children and youth. “It’s really my heart,” Linda says. “Let’s wake up and be excited about Christianity and show our kids that we’re excited about our faith.”

    Designing kids’ programs that make an eternal impact
    Linda’s influence is evident on all Awana weekly core programs. She has written and designed curriculum for programs serving the entire span of childhood, including materials for inner-city children.

    Linda’s curriculum philosophy is to faithfully teach God’s Word through new and creative methods. As an example, she asked children across the U.S. what they wanted to know about God and the Bible. Her research spawned a unique teaching approach for the new Sparks early-elementary program.

    Reaching out to those hurting and grieving
    As a pastor’s wife, Linda served in various church leadership roles and taught Sunday school for 20 years. She also founded and directed a state-licensed preschool for 12 years. Her life changed dramatically when her husband, Ken, died of cancer in 2005. Linda uses her experience to encourage others experiencing a similar loss.

    “I see a lot of sad Christians and people struggling in life,” Linda says. “They don’t seem to understand a relationship with Christ will encourage and sustain you and fill you with joy no matter the circumstances you face.”

    How to contact Linda
    To schedule an interview, e-mail

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