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Awana Leaders/Speakers

Awana Leaders/Speakers

  • Executive Director of Global Networking at Awana and KidzMatter
    Larry Fowler

    Larry Fowler’s latest role in his storied 30-year ministry career is as executive director of global networking for Awana and KidzMatter. Larry travels the country connecting with churches and helping them build dynamic ministries to children, youth and families.

    In 2012, the International Network of Children's Ministry gave Larry its Legacy Award for 30 years of service in children's ministry. In his ministry career, Larry has served as a local-church Awana leader, missionary, speaker, author, teacher, pastor and executive director of international ministries, program development and training.

    Larry’s story
    Since age 13, when he first sensed God’s calling on his life, Larry has exhibited passion and commitment to children’s and youth ministry. After graduating with a master’s degree in Christian education from Talbot Theological Seminary, Larry served as youth pastor at a church in Southern California.

    Larry was introduced to Awana as part of a student project he completed at seminary. He was instantly drawn to the ministry’s commitment to evangelism and discipleship through Bible memory, a discipline his parents had instilled in him as a child. Shortly after his appointment as youth pastor, Larry started Awana in that church.

    As he witnessed Awana bringing kids to Christ and growing his church, Larry’s involvement grew. Larry became a full-time Awana missionary in 1979, serving churches and starting Awana ministries at churches in the Los Angeles area until 1996.

    In 1996, Larry used his experience in the field to begin training other missionaries worldwide. He has also trained children’s workers in 45 countries and led program and curriculum development at Awana.

    An advocate for churches and parents
    One of Larry’s primary passions is encouraging churches and parents to work together to instill enduring biblical faith in children and youth.

    “The spiritual goals for our youth are failing,” Larry says. "Parents need to stop delegating the spiritual training of their children and take a more active role. Churches and families need a clear target, a plan of action and a collaborative strategy to grow spiritually strong kids."

    A voice for raising spiritual champions
    Larry has served as a keynote speaker and workshop teacher at conferences around the world, including the Children’s Pastors’ Conference, Focus on the Family and D6. Larry addresses a variety of topics that are important to churches and families:

    •  Strategies for churches and parents to raise spiritual champions
    •  The important roles that youth and children’s ministry play in the life of a church
    •  Principles for parents to instill lasting Christian faith in their kids
    •  The keys to recruiting, motivating and retaining volunteers

    Larry has also been featured on Christian radio, including Moody. He is also a regular contributor to Focus on the Family.

    An accomplished author to churches and families
    Larry is author of four books – Rock-Solid Children's Ministry, Rock-Solid Volunteers, Raising a Modern-Day Joseph and Rock-Solid Kids. He’s also a recognized expert on issues facing families and churches.

    Based on Joseph of the Old Testament, Raising a Modern-Day Joseph offers a biblical plan for training children and youth to walk with Christ for life. Rock-Solid Volunteers reveals timeless principles for recruiting and retaining volunteers in the church.

    Larry’s newest book Rock-Solid Children's Ministry, debuted in January 2013. It explores seven biblical principles to help children’s pastors and workers build a vibrant children’s ministry. Rock-Solid Kids focuses on the need for churches and parents to build a healthy children’s ministry modeled on biblical teaching.

    Larry and his wife, Diane, have two grown children and five grandchildren. The Fowlers reside in Riverside, California.

    How to contact Larry
    To schedule an interview, e-mail

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