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Biography of Linda Weddle, U.S. Program Senior Designer, Author, Speaker, and Workshop Presenter. Read more
Contact information for David Bunker, Media Relations Manager at Awana. Read more
The Awana Press Room is a dedicated resource for US-based and international media professionals seeking information about Awana. Read more
Biography for Michael Scarbrough, director of Club Ministries at Awana. Read more
Biography of Karen Schliep, Executive Director of People Services at Awana. Read more
Biography of Larry Fowler, Executive Director of Global Networking at Awana and KidzMatter. Read more
Biography for Art Rorheim, Co-Founder and President Emeritus of Awana. Read more
Biography for Brian Rhodes, Executive Director of Awana International. Read more
The corporate media page provides journalists with audio and video clips, photos, logos and blog posts that may prove useful as you research Awana. Read more
Biography for Daniel Nott, Director of Ministry Resources at Awana. Read more
Press kit for the Awana 60th Celebration brand. Read more
Press kit for the Awana Clubs brand. Read more
Press kit for the Awana corporate brand. Read more
A collection of press kits for a variety of Awana brands. Read more
Biography of Richard Yandle, Executive Director of U.S. Ministries. Read more
Biography for Jeremy Pettitt, Director of Awana Youth Ministries. Read more

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