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catalog article 2011-12 Read more
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Endorsements From Parents and Volunteers Read more
A childhood of Bible learning and growth in Awana prepared Anita Cloud to walk with Christ as an adult - and to instill her love for God and His Word in kids as a volunteer. Read more
Attending Awana helped prepare Nathan Karn to follow Christ as an adult. Nathan's Awana program has led 250 children to Jesus Christ since 2004. Nathan and his wife are now training their own three kids through Awana. Read more
Rescue at Sea Shores Up One Young Woman's Faith Read more
Family's siblings credit parents, Awana for preparing them to follow Christ as adults, whether raising their own kids, working overseas or serving children in an inner-city church. Read more
Faith upbringing helps Jenica Flickinger trust that "God is there with me every step of the way" Read more
Jonatan Toledo's passion for children's ministry began as a child in the Dominican Republic. Today he leads a thriving Awana program reaching Hispanic and non-Hispanic kids in Boston. Read more
Angela grew up in a trailer park where there were many heartbreaking stories. Her life was transformed when she was invited to Awana at age 7. Read more
Testsimonies from Modern-Day Josephs. Read more
Former Awana clubber Roddy Chong's artistic gifts have taken him to entertainment heights and places he never expected. Read more
Former Major League baseball player Alvin Davis’ career with the Seattle Mariners earned him All-Star honors. Awana partnered with Alvin and his wife to help disciple their three children. Alvin now uses his time to serve Christ through volunteering at his church and an area high school. Read more
Gwendetta Albright's 50-plus years of faithful Awana service at a church in Chicago has changed lives in hundreds of families. Read more
Awana leader William Gower runs in races even though he’s never walked a day in his life. ‘There’s always a place for William to serve in the church.’ Pastor Tim Thomas models a servant’s heart to his church and community. Read more

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