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U.S. Missionary Qualifications

Applicants are prayerfully considered on an individual basis in light of their knowledge, skills, abilities, spiritual gifts, backgrounds, preparation and practical experience.

Spiritual Demands
Applicants must give clear evidence of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, have a practice of personal Bible study and prayer and demonstrate dedication and spiritual maturity by a daily walk of faith and obedience. Must be living a clean, wholesome, fruit-bearing spiritual life and be a person of vision, burden, spiritual depth, initiative and faithfulness. Applicants must be able to subscribe to the Awana Doctrinal Statement and must be prepared to lay no undue emphasis upon doctrines or religious practices not covered by the Awana Statement of Faith. They must be able to present the gospel with clarity and accuracy and be ready to defend their faith. Must have a clear, definite call of the Holy Spirit to ministry. If married, have a spouse who is supportive of their call.

Professional Designation
Applicants must be set aside for missionary service by home church with a commissioning service. May be licensed or ordained. Valid driver's license.

Applicants must be able to work closely with those of different doctrine, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and be able to build and maintain a network of meaningful relationships.

Applicants should be well prepared for the specific ministries in which they will be engaged. This includes the ability to talk with pastors about our doctrinal position and understand the doctrines that Awana upholds. While Bible college is always preferred, it is not always required. We realize that there are other means that may be adequate in preparing someone for missionary service. It is required that each applicant demonstrate a good working knowledge of the Bible and be able to converse with pastors on these subjects.

Applicants should have previous leadership experience in the workplace or in volunteer settings. Some consulting, marketing and networking experience recommended. It is expected that applicants will have demonstrated their abilities in Christian service prior to application. An adequate period of successful experience in a church as an Awana commander or serving on a missionary ministry team is deemed helpful in preparing for service with Awana.

Skills and Abilities
Applicants should have excellent planning, coordinating and research skills, attention to detail and deadlines and the ability to take initiative to solve problems. Ability to delegate when necessary also needed. They need to be able to work well with people in building teams and able to communicate well publicly. Must have excellent communication skills with churches and individuals through written letters, e-mail etiquette and verbal communication. Time management and punctuality is a must. Competent computer skills in Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint required as well as some business skills in budgeting and reporting.

Church Affiliation
Awana is solidly committed to the New Testament emphasis on local assemblies of believers as well as the universal body of Christ. Since the goal of Awana is the establishment and development ministry in the local church, we insist that all candidates be functional members of a gospel-preaching church.

Physical Demands
Applicants must be able to perform the functions of the job and are required to pass a thorough psychological examination prior to appointment. Awana does not accept candidates who are under 18 years of age.

Personal Profile
Some divorce circumstances are permissible – let's talk about it. Freedom from the use of tobacco is expected. Freedom from intoxication or abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs is expected. Freedom from pornography use and sexual impurity is a must.

Attitudes and Personal Habits
It is essential that applicants be able to work happily as members of a team and that they be willing to follow the leadership of those whom the Lord has placed over them. Applicants must be able to adjust to new situations, meet trials with patience, perform assigned duties willingly demonstrate humility, tact and wisdom in their relationships with others. Applicants should exercise moderation and be sensitive to local standards in the areas of dress, grooming and personal habits.

Engagement, Marriage and Family Relationships
If married, couples will be accepted for missionary service after careful consideration of the qualifications of both husband and wife. Unmarried candidates who are engaged must state this fact and will be accepted only when the qualifications of both parties have been approved. Singles who become engaged while in active service will have fiancés considered for qualification while serving. The spousal qualifications will be weighed on the level of involvement they expect to contribute to the ministry.

Financial Support
Missionary appointees are responsible for raising funds for their missionary work by presenting their needs to churches, church groups and individuals. Each appointee must raise the minimum amount of monthly support as stipulated for the chosen field of service. Appointees are responsible for their personal living and travel expenses during the time of their deputation. Missionaries must be willing to work with Awana Clubs International on a full accounting of all monies according to ACI financial policy. Part time and full time Awana missionaries receive a salary according commensurate with their position.

Awana will only appoint applicants who are authorized to work in the United States and able to verify that authorization.

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