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Handbook Helps
The end of the club year is almost here! Is your child on track to finish his handbook on time? Maybe you're struggling a little to catch up.

These ideas will help your child succeed by awards night. They'll also keep the ultimate target in mind: long-term retention of Bible truths that leads to kids following Christ for life.

First, talk to your child’s leader.
Leaders want to see clubbers grow and learn, too, so discuss your child’s progress often with them. They can help you identify where your child needs help and the strengths you can encourage. If your child is ahead in her handbook, ask about extra-credit exercises and materials, such as Frequent Flyer Extra Credit Cards for Sparks.

Create a game plan at home.
Figure out how many weeks remain in club, how many sections your child has left to do and then chart a course for completion! Make this a priority.

Your family’s schedule determines how much time is available for handbook work. Is your child more alert first thing in the morning? Are you less distracted after dinner? Pair the optimum time of day with the review techniques that your child responds to best. Here are some suggestions:

Review lessons as your family gets ready for the day.
-Recite a few verses with your child when you wake him up.
-Make flashcards to display in his bedroom or to read during breakfast
-Sing along to handbook music on the way to school.

products AFTERNOON
After school, opt for review that is active and artistic.
-Come up with a fun tune or hand motions for memory verses.
-Draw or paint picture flashcards.
-Write verses outdoors using sidewalk chalk.
-Find additional ideas for active learners.

Incorporate handbook work into your family time!
-If you have more than one child, let them practice saying verses to each other.
-Ask your child to teach verses to you to test her own comprehension.
-Work through parent handbooks so you can study Bible lessons along with your kids.

Parents are the key to a clubber’s success. Finding the best learning solutions for your child puts handbook completion well within reach. It also helps you gain confidence as a spiritual leader in your home. Consider continuing these activities even after club ends! The lessons kids learn in Awana now can shape their spiritual future for years to come.

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“I may never stop singing the songs that I learned in Awana, but I no longer need them to understand my faith," said former clubber Julie Lunde. "The foundation put in place through club has grown in me, beyond song lyrics or hand motions, to impact me for life. And Awana can have that same eternal influence on your kids, too.”

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