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Awana Curriculum Coming Soon in English Standard Version

Fantastic news! Awana will offer curriculum in a fourth Bible translation starting with the 2013-2014 ministry year. Awana is thrilled that churches will use materials in ESV to instill biblical truth in children and youth.

The English Standard Version (ESV) gives churches another trusted translation of God's Word for Cubbies (preschool) through Journey (high school). Awana will continue to offer curriculum in:

  • The 1984 New International Version
  • King James
  • New King James

Beginning June 1, all core Awana materials for 2013-14 will be available in ESV at the Awana online store and in the Awana Ministry Catalog.

Adding ESV is a response to churches requesting use of Awana materials in their preferred translation. The ESV is widely endorsed as a trusted translation of God's Word. Released in 2001 by Crossway Publishing, it provides word-for-word accuracy and literary excellence.

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