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C-track Curriculum Requirements


Journey Overview

Journey is a four-year curriculum.

You must do one of the Faith Foundations each year.

You must complete a Main Study each year.

Most Journey groups work on the same Main Study. (This is necessary for quizzing and Summit.) The Journey section of the Awana Ministry Catalog shows which Journey Main Study is currently recommended.

2011-2012 — Main Study 1
2012-2013 — Main Study 2
2013-2014 — Main Study 3
2014-2015 — Main Study 4

You must also complete an elective. Since you are doing Journey on your own, you may choose which elective to do. If your church has more than one student doing C-track™, you may all want to choose the same elective.

A central requirement of the Journey curriculum is to read through the Bible. Each Main Study lists the Bible books assigned for that year. (You will find these books in back of the Journey Main Studies. You need to record the date/dates you read the book and also give your mentor a brief summary of the book’s theme.)

At the back of the Main Study, you will find three additional requirements.

Part One — You need to bring a visitor to church. This includes your youth group, a regular service, Sunday school or other special youth activity.

Part Two (a) — You need to take part in a long-term service project. You could help out with the younger clubs as a student leader — that’s a great option. Other projects are suggested, but you can also get permission from your mentor to do something unique which is not listed.

Part Two (b) — You will need to attend a Christian training seminar. An easy way to do this is attend an Awana Ministry Conference in the fall. (An AMC would work well if you serve as a student leader.) These are held all over the U.S., so there should be one not too far away from you. Other teens will also be at the conference. You could attend other types of training too. Check with your mentor to see if you have chosen an acceptable event.



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