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Welcome to C-track Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My youth pastor said he would work with me, but we’re confused about what I’m actually supposed to do. Who can answer my questions?

    Look at the list of requirements posted on this guide. If you don’t find the answer here, contact your missionary or email us at headquarters at ym@awana.org.

  2. We do have a Journey group at our church, but I don’t really like going. I have basketball on the same night. C-track™ is the answer!

    C-track is NOT available to teens who attend a church with an established Trek or Journey program. C-track is NOT meant to take the place of your church youth group activities.

  3. I would like to go to Summit as part of a team, but I am the only one doing C-track at my church. So how can I do that?

    Contact Journey groups in your area and ask if anyone is going to Summit. Or contact your missionary and ask if there is any Journey group in your area which you could join. (Headquarters would not be able to answer this question.)
  4. I am working toward a college scholarship. How do I keep a record of my Awana achievements?

    You may use the Citation Matrix provided in this guide. Make sure your mentor signs it to authenticate it.

  5. My friends also want to do C-track. Can we start a group?

    You will need to ask the commander or youth pastor at your church for permission. Ask them to help you get organized. If they are not sure what to do, suggest they contact your Awana missionary.

  6. I want to do C-track and my parents agree, but the logistics aren’t working too well. What can I do?

    Look for churches in your area that provide Trek and Journey programs. (Most churches welcome teens even if they don’t regularly attend the church.) Teens can search for this information on the Awana website. Look on top of the website and you will see the heading “Awana locator.” Click on the site. All you need to do is put in your zip code and you will get a list of churches in your area that have Awana. Each church will also list which of the Awana programs they offer. However, the churches are responsible for keeping these lists up to date and sometimes that doesn’t happen! So call first and make sure they have Trek or Journey.
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