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Commander College 201 Schedule

“I am so grateful for the commitment to excellence that is exemplified here in this conference. I’ve realized this weekend that I need to truly move beyond just ‘doing club’ but instead reaching out to our church family and community.”

— Awana commander after Commander College 201

Session 1

The Focus of Excellence
As a commander of a club, your excellent focus should constantly be as one who consistently focuses on reconciling others to Jesus Christ.

Session 2

The Perfect Awana Club
(An interview with Art Rorheim DVD)
Discover what Art Rorheim, co-founder of Awana, thinks makes a club excellent.

Session 3

The Lake, the Beggar and the Cowboy
(Reverend Jerry Thorpe DVD)
Jesus called ordinary people to do the extraordinary work of “getting people out of the lake” or bringing them to the Savior. Using creative word pictures, Jerry Thorpe explains that Jesus’ methods haven’t changed.

Session 4

Getting Along with the Youth Pastor
Wouldn’t it be ideal to look at raising godly children as young men and women with everyone in your church focused on the same goal? You will be challenged to do more than just live harmoniously together with the youth pastor in your church.

Session 5

Excellence in Biblical Relationships
One of Jesus’ final prayers (in John 17) was for the unity of his followers. Discover how you can fulfill this call for the relationships with your church leadership.

Session 6

Living on the Growing Edge
(Pastor Shawn Thornton DVD)
Between now and eternity we have the chance to do much for God’s Kingdom. However, Shawn Thornton reminds us that our own growth in becoming like Jesus Christ is where ministry must begin.

Session 7

Making Volunteers Stick
Recruiting and keeping volunteers is a challenge for all. See some practical ways you can have volunteers who are excited to serve within Awana.

Session 8

Discovering Your Commander Color
What makes you lead in the way that you do? Are you wired with a red, a blue, a green or a yellow type personality? Come discover your color.

Session 9

Shepherding Others in Their Color
It’s not enough that you know your own personality style. Learn how to appreciate and adapt to those most different than you.

Session 10

Shepherding on the Growing Edge
Go deeper in your discipleship to others by learning how to challenge people to grow to be more like Jesus Christ.

Session 11

Communicating Vision Like Jesus
Jesus was the master storyteller. Learn and practice how to capture what God is doing within your club through stories that need to be told to parents, elders and others in your community.

Session 12

Running an Excellent Club
Awana was founded on Five Principles of Excellence. This interactive session will remind you of what’s most important in club and get practical ideas from others.

Session 13

Balancing the Big Rocks
Budgets, calendars and policies –oh my! Learn how to balance these in a way that honors God and others.

"Excellent Adventure"
Session 14

Ready to Fly!
With all that you’ve learned during this conference, this wrap-up serves to remind you of the key takeaways that God wants for your club.


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