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Bible Quizzing - Get your kids into God's Word - and God's Word into your kids

Bible Quizzing tests students' knowledge of material in handbooks and manuals and provides individual recognition and awards. Most importantly, it helps build a biblically based worldview in students and trains them in apologetics, godly wisdom and personal Bible study.

Bible Quizzing takes place at the local, regional and national level. This Awana event is open to kids and youth in third through 12th grade. National Bible Quizzing brings together teams of high school students from across the country to compete for the Summit championship. Students answer questions based on material taught during the year in Journey. A college scholarship is given to each member of the winning Bible Quiz team.

Depending on the type of competition and programs involved, three basic types of questions can be used with variations. (Additionally, numerous questions ask children and youth to recite Bible verses from their handbooks/manuals.) Awana missionaries and their teams decide which methods they want to use for quizzing competitions in their area. Contact your area missionary for rules and details.

Written is a method used for children and teenagers alike. Here's a sample written question taken from T&T (third to sixth grade):

God gave us the Bible so we can ______________that He is the ____________ ___________ __________ true God.
Answers: know, one and only

Speed quizzing is a fast-action event which works well with older students. Questions used are open-ended. The first student to respond is given a chance to answer the question.

Here is a sample question taken from Trek (middle school):

Name the four signs of encouragement that Mary received from Elizabeth.

  1. She knew Mary was pregnant already.
  2. She knew Mary was pregnant with the Messiah.
  3. Elizabeth's unborn baby knew because he jumped for joy.
  4. Mary would be blessed because she had believed the angel.

Multiple choice is used with both children and youth. The quiz master asks a question and then reads a list of possible answers in a multiple-choice format. Each quizzer has paddles with letters on them. The clubbers raise the appropriate paddle to display their answer.

Here's a sample multiple-choice question taken from Journey (high school):

The people in Rome tended to mix two things with the message of justification. What were they?

  1. Circumcision and church rituals
  2. Church rituals and good works
  3. Circumcision and good works

The answer is "B."

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