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Awana ClubbersFrequently Asked Questions

What makes Awana unique?
Awana helps churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love and serve Christ! Here are 10 ways that we achieve this objective:
  1. Awana is first about outreach. You will receive the best evangelism tools for bringing children, youth and families in your community to your church – and to saving faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. We offer your church fully integrated programs that train kids ages 2 to 18 to know, love and serve Christ.
  3. Our curriculum has a nearly 60-year track record for building an enduring biblical faith in the lives of children and youth.
  4. We provide resources that will enable your church to partner with parents in growing spiritually strong kids.
  5. Initial and ongoing training fully prepares your church’s volunteer leadership to impact kids for life.
  6. Awana brings children and youth into healthy relationships with mentors and peers who will influence them for Christ.
  7. Our exclusive circle games and fun approach to children’s ministry generate maximum excitement at churches’ Awana meetings.
  8. We provide training and ministry opportunities that gear up your church’s youth to serve Christ as adults, too.
  9. Awana missionaries and their ministry teams are available to supply hands-on training to your church’s Awana volunteers.
  10. Your church’s high-achieving youth can earn scholarships to Christian colleges by earning Awana awards.

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Can Awana integrate into my current youth and children’s ministries?
Definitely. Awana is flexible and can be incorporated into your ministry however you choose. We’re not a stand-alone program. We’re here to serve the local church and your unique needs.

You can accomplish this in many ways. For example, your church can use the curriculum for one or more of our children’s clubs in your Sunday school program. Or you can deploy whatever components of our middle-school and high-school programs that you choose to either complement or anchor your youth ministry.

For more information on how to integrate Awana into your church, contact your local Awana missionary, call Ministry Advancement at (888)-292-6249 or fill out the Inquiry Form online.

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How can I learn about Awana programs and curriculum?
An inquiry packet is available by filling out our online inquiry form. The packet includes an overview of curriculum using actual sample pages of our programs plus descriptions of our core weekly programs for ages 2 to 18 and many more details.

If you’d like to begin evaluating our programs and materials immediately, you’ll find a wealth of helpful information on our About Us pages.

How much does Awana cost?
Awana will provide your church with top-quality programs, materials and customized training right in your area at a reasonable value. Your church can run Awana for as little as $35-$45 per child per ministry year. Churches generally disburse most or all of these costs, such as handbook and uniform prices, to the parents of the kids participating in their Awana program.

Your church may also consider collecting small weekly dues or an annual registration fee per participant.

Contact Ministry Advancement at (888)-292-6249 to walk you through your unique needs and costs.

What programs are available?
Children’s clubs:
Youth programs: Special events and programs:

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What happens in an Awana meeting?
Each of our children’s clubs has its own unique meeting format tailored to the needs of the age group each serves. But in general Awana meetings are 90 minutes to two hours long – the length is up to your church. Meetings for grade-school-age children generally feature segments for games or other fun activities, small-group Bible learning and large-group Bible teaching, worship, announcements and awards.

Meetings for our middle-school and high-school programs have a different feel and format from our children’s clubs to meet the unique needs of these older age groups.

Game Time is comprised of exciting circle games exclusive to Awana that are a popular draw for churched and non-churched children alike.

Handbook Time provides small-group interaction and recitation of Scripture that kids learned during the week. It also features friendship building and opportunities for leaders to mentor children and help them understand the Bible verses they learn.

Large Group Time consists of praise and worship, Bible teaching, awards, announcements and a presentation of God’s plan of salvation.

Who leads Awana programs?
Members of your church have the opportunity to serve in a fulfilling ministry in your Awana program. Trained church volunteers oversee everything from the entire program to spiritually leading each child.

Awana leadership is an excellent volunteer development tool for your church. So that children can bond with leaders, we recommend that churches assign two leaders for every eight to 10 children. Younger-age clubs should have a smaller ratio per leader.

We also urge your church’s high-school students to get involved as student leaders. Working alongside adult Awana leaders, student leaders not only meet your younger-age club’s needs but also learn how to serve in the process. Plus, younger children see student leaders setting an excellent example of youth serving Christ.

What training is provided?
One of the features that distinguish Awana from other children's and youth ministries is the variety of training options. Awana partners with churches worldwide to help them fulfill their goals of evangelism and discipleship.

Training Options:

Basic Training
Basic Training: Basic Training prepares leaders to understand what the Bible says about their ministry to children and youth. Individual role books teach them about their specific responsibilities in the club or youth program where they serve.

Awana Ministry Conference
Awana Ministry Conference: Hosted each fall across the U.S., these conferences provide Awana volunteers with motivational teaching and practical ideas that they can immediately apply to their ministry.

Commander College
Commander College: Commanders hold the key to a successful Awana ministry. This specialized training meets locally, sponsored by your Awana missionary team.

Club Clinic
Club Clinic: Short, FREE online, interactive training created to address common challenges. Check out the library and share it with other leaders in your club.

AMC Connection Kit
AMC Connection Kit: Connect, inspire and equip your Awana leader team with this NEW DVD resource. Available: 2011 One More version and 2012 Zoom Out version.

Equipped to Lead
Equipped to Lead: Monthly, online newsletter designed for commanders. Subscribe today!

What does Awana believe?
Awana is a worldwide youth and children’s ministry serving more than 100 denominations. Visit Awana Believes to find out who we are, what we believe and what guides us in our development of materials.
How many denominations use Awana?
Awana is a worldwide youth and children’s ministry serving more than 100 denominations in the U.S. alone.

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