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Alumni Study

Rock-solid in their beliefs and living out
their faith

Here are just a few of the key findings from the Awana alumni study report:

Church attendance – 92.7 percent of Awana alumni continue to regularly attend church as adults, and only 1.8 percent said they had dropped out of church since high school. By comparison, 36 percent of Americans surveyed by Baylor who attended church at age 12 said they are now unchurched as adults.

Belief in God – 93.7 percent of our alumni said they wholeheartedly believe in God as opposed to 65.8 percent of Baylor respondents.

Jesus and salvation – 98.6 percent of alumni believe Jesus is God's Son compared to 70 percent of Americans and 85 percent of Protestants. 93 percent of alumni believe Christ is the only way to salvation. 69.6 percent of Americans believe many roads lead to salvation or do not believe in salvation.

Belief about the Bible – 94 percent of our alumni believe the Bible is God's Word compared to 58 percent of Americans and 73 percent of Protestants. Our alumni are also 3.6 times more likely than other churchgoers and Americans to read in virtually every case the Bible several times a week.

Church service – At 74 percent, our alumni were five times more likely than Americans polled by Baylor to serve their church 11 hours or more each month.

Personal evangelism – 70 percent of alumni said they share their faith with friends at least once a month compared to 35.7 percent of the national average, 48.7 percent of Protestants and 59 percent of the most devoted churchgoers.

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