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Welcome to C-track What is C-track?

C-track™ (C for Citation award and College scholarship program) is a plan enabling teens to continue in Awana® past T&T™ even though their church does not offer a Trek® or Journey™ program. The goal of C-track is to allow teens to complete the handbooks and also to benefit from the 2-18 overall integration plan of the Awana program. This integration plan is based on the Master Life Threads: Respect, Wisdom, Grace, Destiny and Perspective. Trek and Journey focus on the Life Threads of Destiny and Perspective — necessary values for a biblical worldview.

C-track is a way for teens to complete the books one-on-one with an adult at his or her church. We recognize that many teens are already completing their books this way, but until now Awana has not offered a uniform set of guidelines for doing so.

The links on the right-hand-side of this page contain information and instructions to ensure that all churches are consistent in what they require of their teens.

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