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Summit 2013 - destination Chicago

2013 Summit Citation Ceremony

Citation Award Preparation
Citation Awards must be ordered before February 4, 2013 to be awarded at Summit.

Print Citation Award certification.

By using this form and faxing it to the appropriate number on the bottom of the form, your award will be held for Summit and at Pheasant Run ready for the ceremony.

If you already have your award, bring it with you to Summit. Turn it in during general registration or the Citation office, located in the Ruby Meeting Room of Pheasant Run Resort ASAP.

ALL persons wishing to participate in the ceremony must complete the registration process for Summit – even if you are only attending for the ceremony.

Citation Check-in
Citation achievers will need to personally check in at the Citation table during general registration.

  • Achievers coming in just for the ceremony will need to check in at the Citation office no later than Sunday, March 3, 2013 at noon.
  • Citation achievers should plan to arrive at the Mega Center at 5:30 P.M. to get ready for the ceremony.

Seating Assignments
Citation achievers will have reserved seating. To ensure an orderly ceremony and everyone receiving the correct plaque, you will need to stay in your assigned area during the entire ceremony.

Dress Code and Decorum
It is a privilege to take part in the Citation Ceremony, honoring Citation achievers for their years of dedicated service and study of God’s Word. During the ceremony, please remain quietly seated. Citation achievers are expected to dress appropriately not drawing attention to themselves for this formal occasion.

Each Citation achiever will be given a commemorative photograph. Details will be distributed to the Citation achievers at the ceremony.

Transporting Your Award Home
Award recipients may pick up a custom-size shipping carton or take care of any damaged awards or incorrect engraving at the Citation office following the ceremony.

Many colleges offer scholarships to Citation achievers. Check for an updated list.

Wristbands are required for entry to the Citation Ceremony. Guests for the Citation
Ceremony may purchase wristbands at the Summit Store on the day of the ceremony. Doors will not open for guests until 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Coordinators - Bob and Dorinda Bennett
Questions? Contact

Citation Ceremony at Summit

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