Frequently Asked Questions - Awana Home School Back
How can churches benefit from homeschool families having access to Awana materials?
  • Our curriculum, parent handbooks and other materials can help homeschool families practice family Bible study in their home.
  • Our materials can equip more parents to spiritually influence their children as Deuteronomy 6 directs.
  • Churches can encourage homeschool families to invite families from their homeschool group or co-op to work on the Awana handbooks with them.
  • Homeschool families can invite other homeschool children to their church’s Awana ministry and invite those children’s families to visit their church with them.
  • Awana is a good service opportunity for kids of homeschool families that purchase Awana materials. Children can assist their Awana leaders in Handbook Time by helping children struggling to complete handbook sections. Pre-teens and teenagers can serve as student leaders.
  • Homeschool families can use Awana as a neighborhood Bible study or backyard VBS that reaches out to neighbors with the gospel.
  • Homeschool families might ask to use church facilities to hold an Awana small-group Bible study or to play Awana games. Churches could invite these families to their weekend services.
Are homeschool families and groups required to register with Awana like churches do?
Homeschool groups and families must register with Awana before they can purchase Awana materials.
Do Awana missionaries now serve both the churches in their region and homeschool groups and families?
Homeschool groups and families contact Awana Customer Care with questions and concerns. Awana missionaries will continue to devote all their time and expertise solely to the churches in their area.
How much does it cost for a homeschool family or group to register with Awana?
The registration fee for homeschool groups and families is $25 per year.
How do homeschool groups and families register with Awana?
First they fill out our homeschool inquiry form. After completing the form, they receive an automated email that gives them a username and password along with a link to the registration page on the Awana online store. They click the link and follow the instructions on the registration page. The instructions include submitting their username and password and paying the registration fee. Once they have done this, they are officially registered. They can then begin purchasing any Awana materials.
How do homeschool groups and families order Awana products, such as curriculum?
They need to log into the Awana online store with the username and password they are provided. Once they do, they can purchase products.
Who do homeschool groups and families contact with questions?
They can visit the Awana Customer Care community help site at or call (866) 292-6227.