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Awana Leaders/Speakers

Awana Leaders/Speakers

  • Jack Eggar
    Jack D. Eggar

    Jack Eggar has served as Awana President/CEO since 1999. Under his direction, Awana has expanded our impact from a total of 9,000 churches worldwide in 1998 to over 26,000 today. Awana has also extended God’s love to kids via orphanages, Christian schools, refugee camps – even prisons and a leper colony.

    Jack’s story
    Jack grew up in Texas and attended church regularly with his family. When he learned that head knowledge was not enough to ensure his eternal salvation, Jack made a personal decision to trust Jesus Christ as his Savior when he was 17. He soon discerned that full-time Christian ministry was God’s calling on his life. He enrolled in Bible college to begin his training.

    Jack’s vast and diverse ministry experience overseas and in the U.S. prepared him for his current role at Awana. His background includes:

       • Teaching at a Bible college
       • Serving as a youth director
       • Working as a church planter
       • Starting a Bible college in South Korea
       • Establishing a Christian leadership college in Fiji
       • Pastoring churches in California and Idaho

    Jack was introduced to Awana in 1987 while serving as pastor of a church in California. He and his wife, Dona, used Awana as a tool for community outreach, sparking record growth for their church. Hundreds of kids and families came to faith in Christ.

    Their involvement with the ministry deepened when they helped launch Awana in the former USSR in 1992. Jack was later hired as Awana international missions director in 1997. He became Awana President/CEO two years later.

    A vision for partnering churches and parents
    Under Jack’s leadership, Awana has become known as a powerful tool for introducing children, youth and parents to Christ and growing kids spiritually through the power of God’s Word.

    “Awana is an outreach ministry of local churches focused centrally on evangelism and discipleship,” Jack says. “We are strategic in reaching children and youth and helping churches build a substantial bridge to the whole family.”

    Knowing that parents are the key influencers in their children’s spiritual development, Jack invested vision and passion for the Awana at Home initiative.

    “Raising a spiritual champion takes a partnership where parents and church leaders work together for the spiritual good of that child,” Jack explains.

    An influential voice for the church and family
    An accomplished author, Jack has authored several books, including a series of Sparky storybooks for kids.

       • Shaping Your Family’s Faith
       • The Return of a Mighty Church
       • Great and Mighty Things
       • Sparky Shines His Light
       • Sparky Frees the Flea
       • Sparky Bops the Greedy Bug
       • Sparky Befriends the Bullied Bug

    Sought-after speaker
    Jack is a sought-after speaker at conferences, workshops and events around the world. He travels to dozens of countries each year to motivate and encourage Awana missionaries, staff and volunteers. He is a recognized expert on challenges facing families and churches.

    Jack has also been featured on radio and TV and conducted interviews with newspapers, magazines and online media, including Focus on the Family, Family Net and Moody Broadcasting.

    A commitment to raise spiritual champions
    Jack and Dona are the parents of four grown children (Joshua, Justin, Jessica and Bekah), all of whom participated in Awana and follow Christ today, along with six grandchildren (Daniel, Emma, Erin, Eric, Jackson and Eli). The Eggars live in suburban Chicago. Dona heads up the Awana program at their church, and Jack is a leader in the Cubbies club for preschool-age children.

    “Our kids were always part of our ministry,” Jack says. “We were consistent and did not live a two-faced life—a church face and home face. They saw and experienced our own walk with Christ.”

    How to contact Jack
    To schedule an interview, e-mail mediarelations@awana.org.

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