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Energize Kids about the gospel, engage parents in family outreach and expose your community to fun fellowship - welcome to High Power Sports! Read more
Are you ready for some high-power evangelism? That's what High Power® Sports is all about: kids and families for Christ. Read more
Bubbles, beakers and bunsen burners! Ashley and Tyler are learning about science while they visit Uncle Mac for a couple of weeks. And while learning about chemical reactions is important, this brother and sister deduce something that has an eternal impact - they need to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior. Theme Two - The Proven Method Read more
Like any good sports ministry or Awana club, High Power Soccer relies on volunteers to share their time and talents to make the ministry happen Read more
The Great ShakeUP™ is an annual, four-week program that equips leaders, parents and clubbers to reach more kids for Christ and get them into your Awana® clubs at little or no cost to the church. Read more
Awana Clubs Cubbies home page Read more
Awana Clubs Puggles home page. Read more
Awana Clubs Puggles curriculum Read more
Awana Clubs Puggles curriculum outline. Read more
Awana Clubs Puggles parent role Read more
Awana Clubs Truth & Training home page Read more
Awana Clubs Truth & Training Ultimate Adventure handbook curriculum outline Read more
Awana Clubs Truth & Training Ultimate Challenge handbook curriculum outline Read more

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