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C-track™ Curriculum Requirements


Trek Overview

Trek includes three years of curriculum. Each year consists of two Bible studies contained in the same book. The front cover of the book introduces one of the 12-lesson Bible studies. Turn the book upside down and you will find that the back cover of the book introduces the second 12-lesson Bible studies.

If your church offers T&T through fifth grade and a middle school youth group for sixth, seventh and eighth graders, you will need to complete all three years of Trek curriculum.

If you participated in T&T through sixth grade, you will need to choose two years of Trek curriculum.

You do not have to do the Compass Points.

All students must begin by completing the Trek Check entrance brochure.

The Trek Challenge segments are extra credit and are optional. They are not required for book completion awards.

Look here for a complete understanding of the different lesson segments in the Trek books.

Here is the order of Trek studies for the next six years.

2011 – 2012 — Dashboard Series
2012 – 2013 — Billboard Series
2013 – 2014 — Roadsign Series
2014 – 2015 — Dashboard Series
2015 – 2016 — Billboard Series
2016 – 2017 — Roadsign Series

Guidelines for specific sections:

Oasis review segments in the Bible studies must be completed — all verses in Oasis must be recited.

Invite your friends section — Since you don’t have a Trek ministry in your church, invite your friends to youth group or church.



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