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Commander College 101 Sample Schedule
(Teachers will vary based on regional location.)

“The wealth of information and practical help was something I didn’t realize I desperately needed. I also loved being able to network with other leaders.”
— Awana commander after Commander College 101

Session 1 The Commander College Vision
(Jack Eggar DVD)
More than anyone, commanders hold the key to a successful Awana ministry. Listen to the President/CEO of Awana, Jack Eggar, as he gives an inspirational address to all commanders.
Session 2 The Importance of Children’s Ministry
There is a great gap between what is and what could be when it comes to the priority placed on children’s ministry. Discover what motivates you to close the gap!
Session 3 Not a Pretty Picture
Some new revelations will be made as you walk through the familiar account in Mark 10 of Jesus allowing the children to come to Him.
Session 4 A Clear Focus (The Value of the Gospel)
The priority of Awana is to advocate for the gospel first. Are you and your leaders prepared to share Christ with clarity and urgency?
(Dave Pearson DVD)
Session 5 Integrating Awana With Your Church
Adapting Awana to fit your church and children's ministry
The Awana Experience Check out what’s new as Awana assists the church in answering the problem. “Children’s ministry is important to God and is critical today. I’m excited to be part of the solution through the Awana ministry.”
Session 6 Problem Solving Case Scenarios
Work with other commanders on some of these common questions and issues.
Session 7 It Takes a Shepherd
Most of us spend our time perfecting areas where we already excel. Our challenge, as a shepherd, is to make our leaders a priority as modeled in John 10.
  Spend time with other commanders as you problem-solve together and share the ups and downs of being a commander in your club.
Session 8 Motivating Your Leaders
Seven secrets are given straight from the account of Nehemiah on how to effectively motivate leaders.
(Larry Fowler DVD)
Session 9 Avoiding the Millstone
Matthew 18 contains some stern warnings given by Jesus about the importance of not causing a child to stumble. You will be moved by the implications if we do not heed this command in our club.
A Conversation with
Art Rorheim (DVD)
Experience the heart and soul of the co-founder of Awana, Art Rorheim, as he shares stories about the beginnings of Awana Clubs International.
Session 10 The Three Big Rocks
Planning your calendar, budgeting your finances and enforcing your policies — three “big” responsibilities you carry as a commander. Share and learn from others how you can improve these in your club.
Session 11 Give it Back!
The role of parents in the spiritual development of children is not only important, but a biblical mandate. As Awana leaders, we must be willing to give this responsibility back to parents!
Session 12 Commander Communications
Learn from veteran commanders in your area about some important questions you might be asking yourself.
Session 13 Leading a Healthy Club
Just like a visit to your doctor, there are symptoms of a healthy club versus one that is not healthy. Discover the difference and evaluate your own club.
Session 14 Is This Your Ministry?
Is your Awana vision God’s vision for children and leaders? This final session will ignite your passion for the original reason you began serving in children’s ministry.


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