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Youth Matter

Awana Youth Ministries™ grounds students in a lasting biblical faith and equips them to share their faith as they serve others in their churches and communities.

Using our proven 2 to 18 ministry approach, our Trek (middle school) and Journey (high school) ministry programs dynamically teach the truth of God’s Word so that a young person develops a biblical worldview that impacts every aspect of their life.

Our Trek program for middle school and junior high students answers the questions that these students are asking during this pivotal stage of life. It encourages young teenagers to recognize their DESTINY in Christ and to pursue it by following God’s will for the rest of their lives.

Our Journey program challenges high school students to make life-changing decisions from a godly PERSPECTIVE. Through a deep study of God’s Word, they learn the meaning of lifelong discipleship and are mobilized to serve their church and community.

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